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Workshop Technical Authors

Workshop Technical Authors


Wednesday, September 25, 2013 - 14:45

On 19 September 2013 DCT organized an informative and interactive workshop for its seconded technical authors. The location were the DCT offices in Beesd.

During the induction, the authors were given the opportunity to get to know one another and chat. The meeting was introduced by Myrthe Entjes, Candidate Relations Executive at DCT. Then her colleague, David Koot, Language Engineer, demonstrated how you can work in the authoring and publication solution, Adobe FrameMaker, following the principle of topic-based writing. Re-purposing text assumes a pivotal role in this process. Based on a business case, he demonstrated how in practice you can use FrameMaker when writing technical documentation. It was an interactive session in which the authors actively participated and asked a range of questions.

Next, Wim van der Schoor set out to explain his 'XML clutter', as he so eloquently puts it. As a business consultant, Wim frequently approaches companies to assess how they handle information and information management. He started his presentation with an introduction to XML and provided answers to questions such as, 'where does XML come from', 'what is XML' and 'how can you use XML'. The participants' interest was aroused. During the break before the workshop reactions such as 'interesting' and 'new knowledge' were heard.

When everyone was back in their place with pen and paper at the ready, the workshop resumed. After a bit of theory, Wim van der Schoor took Shakespeare's classic play, Hamlet, for the task in hand. The participants were required to name sections of text from this play and draw up an information structure into which the play could be divided. The practical approach gave rise to many questions, comments and additional contributions. The end result of the collaborative exercise was an information model that could be used to be able to convert Hamlet into XML.

In conclusion, David Koot briefly explained how you can structure XML with FrameMaker and what the result of this is when it comes to publication.

Following completion of the workshop, the invited guests were able to continue to chat while enjoying a bite to eat and a drink. 'New knowledge', 'new insights' and 'it was a fun thing to apply theory to practice' were some of the positive feedback comments. We now look back on a successful workshop. Will you also be there next time?