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Content Strategy Forum Conference

Content Strategy Forum Conference


Thursday, May 22, 2014 - 13:30

The Content Strategy Forum is an independent global cooperative of Content Strategists. The Forum was originally conceived by a few people in Paris in 2010 as one-time event. Since then it has become a major annual conference, bringing together Content professionals from all over the world in London (2011), Cape Town (2012) and Helsinki (2013). This year’s event will take place from July 1st to 3d in Frankfurt. You can learn more about the Content Strategy Forum at its website: http://csforum.eu/.

The 2014 Content Strategy Forum Conference (CSF2014) is solely dedicated to content strategy. The CSF2014 is targeted at senior communication professionals and employees of companies, organizations (NGO, NPOs, Associations, Universities, etc.) and institutions (Government, Parties, Public Authorities) as well as their contractors and collaborators.

The CSF2014 focuses on the role that content will play in a digital world dominated by ultra-high-speed computers and powerful algorithms. What can you do to align your content-related activities with what your users really need, e.g. audience oriented content, content on demand? And how can you improve and sustain the return on your content marketing efforts? How can content integration help to realize multichannel publishing or publishing on demand? These questions and more will be covered during the workshops, presentations and discussions.

DCT is proud to host its own session on the pitfalls companies can encounter when aiming for complete content integration. This session also touch on DCT’s vision for content integration, where audience oriented content enables multichannel publishing and content on demand. Go to the CSF2014 website (http://www.csforum2014.com/program/) for more information on our and other presentations. Join us at CSF2014 to learn from some of the best content strategists worldwide and make yourself a part of the answer.